Vertical Blinds

  • Practical, elegance, cleanable blinds.
  • Can be used for villa, apartment, office.
  • In vertical strips, 127 mm strip width.
  • Open & Close in slid horizontal way.
  • Can be open in one side, or middle to sides.
  • Up to 4 meters width & 3.5 meters height.
  • Easy maintenance & parts repalcement.
  • Long life, Good resistance to sun light.
  • Easy to install & Remove, With no damages.

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Roller Blinds

This type of blinds is most demanded by customers, Homes, Offices, Restaurants, since it is good looking, Good for sun heat blocking, giving reasonable height,easy to clean, easy to fix & remove, can be controlled manually or motorized, printable fabric which can be used for advertising in same time .

Fabric used for this type of blinds are :-

  • Sun screen, Polyester, Basket weave, Antibacterial lead free, Available in many colors, which blocks sun light 70-80%.
  • Blackout fabric , which block out 95-100 sun light , available in many colors.